Volunteer Centre and Self-help Denmark (FriSe)



Volunteer Centre and Self-help Denmark (FriSe)


FriSe is the national umbrella organization for 69 local volunteer centres and 10 self-help organisations across all of Denmark. We are independent of government, party political and religious interests. Together with our members and a large number of collaboration partners nationally and internationally, we are concerned with developing local volunteering and strengthening the local communities, so that everyone has the opportunity to volunteer and find help and support in the voluntary communities. FriSe works to support, develop and promote volunteering and to improve the framework and conditions for volunteer organizations. We work to promote and support volunteering and our members through:

  • Knowledge building & knowledge sharing
  • Capacity building & consultancy
  • Partnerships and networking with key stakeholders across all sectors
  • Visibility & dissemination of social volunteer work
  • Interest Safeguarding & advocacy

In addition, we run a number of projects and initiatives, all of which aim to make it easier to become and be a volunteer and easier to be a voluntary association. For example, we operate Denmark’s largest job portal Frivilligjob.dk where volunteers can find a volunteer job amongst the many different organisations, and we provide digital solutions for associations via TechSoup as a part of the TechSoup Global Network. TechSoup runs a donation program, which provides eligible organisations with donated and discounted software. We are also the coordinator of the national celebration of volunteerism; Volunteer Friday and is responsible for the national distribution of Socialkompas.dk, a database where people can find help and support amongst organisations ind the community.


Networking activity

Ireland • Belgium • Denmark • Germany • Croatia • Slovenia