A Different Triangle… !

An Afro-Euro-South-American Youth cooperation project – Youth empowerment under a rainbow of hope …


“A different Triangle!” is an amazing 3-year-programme of youth co-operation: exchanges, training courses, study visits and networking with partners and participants from 14 countries on 3 continents over three years. The highlights were 3 Youth Exchanges to be held in each of the three corners of the old triangle Transatlantic Slave Trade: in Brazil (2008), in Portugal (2009) and in Ghana (2010).

The e.p.a. Tri-continental Youth Co-operation project came from a great wish by young people during a pilot Euro-South-American Youth Exchange in the early 90’s in Portugal, Brazil and Colombia. They asked: “Why can’t we meet young people from West Africa, where we originally come from?”.

It was not until 2008 that funding from the Youth in Action Programme of the EU finally became available for projects also with Africa.

The partners for this ambitious Youth cooperation project are Youth groups from 14 cities on 3 continents:

Recife / Brasil
Accra / Ghana
Letterkenny / Ireland
Kingston / Jamaica
Mindelo / Cape Verde
Hamburg / Germany
Cartagena / Colombia
Málaga / Spain
Amsterdam / Netherlands
Lisbon / Portugal
St. Domingo / Dominican Republic
Liverpool / U.K.
Monrovia / Liberia
Lagos / Nigeria

May we invite you to spend eight minutes and look at a the Summary of the 3 1/2 years of the Different Triangle Youth Cooperation project?


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