A different Triangle

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A different Triangle

Youth empowerment under a rainbow of hope!

 Liverpool | UK 

16. April 200823. April 2008 

Liverpool – the City at the centre of the Slave Trade. From 1697 to 1795 Liverpool controlled over 75% of the European Slave Ships, but by 1807 the Abolitionists had won success but not before Liverpool had grown very wealthy on this evil trade.

In April 2008 in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the abolition the preparatory meeting and Training seminar of the e.p.a. ‘Different Triangle’ Project took place with 35 Participants from 11 countries and 3 continents. We stayed at the amazing Adelphi Hotel and visited the world famous Slavery Museum, the Caribbean Centre and invited to a reception at the Town Hall (two previous Lord Mayors had been Slave Ship Owners!).

We looked at the history of the Slave Trade and the programme for the Intercontinental Youth Exchange in Recife (Brazil) in October 2008. We wrote letters of invitation and researched visa requirements, we looked at Travel arrangements and health needs. In our Training sessions we looked at international, inter-lingual, network communication skills, presentation techniques and group work … everything important to be able to face the great challenges of such an ambitious project.

Our hosts in Liverpool “Up4Change” are a group of young people who support each other, help others and focus on human rights and healthy living. They are based in Speke a very poor suburb of Liverpool and rated 2nd lowest in UK communities of social depravation. Up4Change organises Youth Exchanges and team building activities, it has young people from all over Liverpool from many different ethnic backgrounds.


4. January 2021

Solidarity with our Liverpool and UK Friends

The sad news has reached us! With Brexit, Boris Johnson and the British government have decided to step out of the Erasmus+ programme!

10. November 2010

Global Passport

… sign of our hope and solidarity

10. November 2010

A Different Triangle… !

An Afro-Euro-South-American Youth cooperation project – Youth empowerment under a rainbow of hope …

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