All different – All equal? – Caring for opportunities

Study Visit

All different – All equal? – Caring for opportunities

 Sofia | Bulgaria 

06. October 202309. October 2023 

e.p.a. – together with our partner ‘Equal Opportunities’ from Sofia – invited young people to participate in a Study visit to Bulgaria under the motto:

“All different – All equal? – Caring for opportunities”

Equal Opportunities Initiative Association is a long-term e.p.a. partner, advocating for social equality and inclusion, working with Roma communities in Bulgaria.

The study visit to Sofia was a unique and extraordinary experience for me. The exchange deepened my understanding of the challenges that many Roma communities face and motivated me to continue to work for integration.”  Gabriela, Hamburg

The study visit in Sofia was very useful and helpful. Visits to Roma camps/settlements helped to better understand the difficulties and needs of the population. Having the council made up of community members seems a very good practice, and I would love to take it as an experience with me and integrate in my workplace.Evdokia, Thessaloniki, Greece


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