Hope to Cope Radio

Networking 2021

01. April – 31. May

Hope to Cope Radio

Hamburg • Lisbon


Hope to Cope Radio

Initiative of the Eco-Estilistas and Radio ZIP from Lisbon


Eco-Estilistas and e.p.a. are planning to produce and broadcast a radio programme with various “Hope to Cope” episodes,  each one with a few groups or individual participants from different countries! 

We are inviting young people from Europe and far beyond to take part in this online- project, – an exciting experiment!

Issues we want to look at are:

How do you cope with the pandemic?

What are you doing, when you can’t meet all your friends?

Did you discover a new hobby?

What are the main challenges in your community?

What is your favourite music at the moment?

What would you like to know from other young people in other parts of the world?

 What would you as a young person tell a politician, when you could meet one?

This project is funded by

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29. March 2021

Tutorial Workshop

First Meeting of the Hope To Cope Radio Project

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