Daisy Young Club ry



Daisy Young Club ry


Daisy Young Club was founded in 2009 and is an independent registered association. The club was founded by young Finnish people and immigrants. The association is non-profit making and has no political affiliation.

The purpose of the association is to promote and develop social interaction between young people with an immigrant background and native Finnish people living in Turku and the Turku region through joint activities. It aims to bring cultures closer together and to support young people’s own cultural identity in Finnish society. The aim of the association is to bring to light current issues that concern young people and their own ideas.

The association is multicultural, and its activities are aimed at both native Finns and young people with an immigrant background under the age of 29. The aim is to bring all young people together: young immigrants, second generation immigrants and native Finnish people. The association’s activities take into account the integration of immigrants, cultural diversity, social interaction and learning new things, and cultural exchange for both immigrants and native Finns.



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