no real meetings, but #rainbow_connected


Between March and November 2020, online meetings have become an important tool for e.p.a to stay in touch with partners and friends from different angles of the network. The planned youth exchanges, training seminars and courses could not take place as planned, the World Wide Web has became a place where we are able to stay #rainbow_connected.

e.p.a.’s main focus has been to know how our partners have been doing, what were the challenges that the pandemic has caused, how to further develop the network and the partnerships under the current circumstances, and how to continue to play despite these difficult times.

Online meetings made it possible for us to interact, exchange feelings and thoughts, as well as give us the ‘Hope to Cope’ with this special year. All events had the hashtag #rainbow_connected.

While the international youth exchanges and e.p.a seminars had to be cancelled for this year, these e.p.a. rainbow meetings became an alternative platform, where the network gathered participants from more than 20 countries, who spoke at least four different languages.

Through the different online meetings we got the chance to exchange and know about the state of play in Europe and beyond. All challenges that came through the sudden pandemic situation and their impacts especially on the life of young people. All attendees of the meetings stressed the importance of Human and Children’s Rights in this context as well as gender issues and women’s rights.


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