What’s in it for Children and Young People?


What’s in it for Children and Young People?

How to develop Opportunities for Creative Participation - Playfully!

 Derry | Northern Ireland 

09. May 201216. May 2012 

The training course involved young colleagues from 27 European countries. Our host was the e.p.a. partner the Playtrail in Derry.

The main theme was Youth participation: What’s in it for young people – how to develop opportunities for creative participation – playfully in post conflict / financial crisis situations. This theme has been chosen, as many colleagues in Youth Work are experiencing grave cuts in budgets and an alienation of young people by society as the media portray our young people as “the lost generation”.

The main Objectives were …
to create the conditions for colleagues to share, interact and contribute to the theme,
to become aware of the opportunities of creative participation,
to enable each participant to value and express their abilities,
to share good practice, to encourage discussion and debate on the theme,
to provide accessible information on the theme,
to provide information on funding opportunities for future cooperation in youth work.

The Methodology was the tried and tested epa concept of working, learning and playing together through Plenary meetings, group workshops, energisers, project visits, feed back and evaluation.


16. June 2012

Report out now for our Congress in Derry

Coming here was the perfect opportunity to learn more about the Irish conflict, but also the ongoing peace process.

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