All Children, all Right(s)

Networking activity 2022

01. January – 28. February

All Children, all Right(s)

Thessaloniki • Brussels • Hamburg

Belgium, Germany and Greece

All Children, all Right(s)

Interactive educational toolkit and online training on Children's Rights for youth workers


In collaboration with ARSIS from Greece, Uit de Marze and Mobile School from Belgium, we have created a free online educational toolkit for youth workers – play workers about Children’s Rights. On this platform you can find many experiential activities, games for children, padlets, animation posters with audio stories and videos, all linked on Children’s Rights.

We have worked all together to encourage youth workers to start working on children’s rights with pragmatic tools for children and can follow a self-paced online learning program on this matter. This tool is an answer to the need for innovative tools on children’s rights in non-formal education and secondly provide a very accessible training with limited time investment of the youth worker on a crucial topic. We aim to empower youth workers through training and education and by offering them a free and comprehensive methodology they can use to address these topics with the children and adolescents they work with. By using online learning platforms to share our educational materials and trainings, we want to make dissemination easier, making it possible to share this toolkit and training efficiently with youth workers.

You can also explore “StreetSmartPlay” and “StreetSmartLearn”, the platforms of Mobile School, where the our educational toolkit, trainings, activities and games are uploaded.

This project is funded by

the European Union

28. November 2023

Children’s Rights and Migration

Our activity in our International Seminar in Malta!

6. September 2023

Online toolkit on Children’s Rights

Games, activities and trainings for youth and play workers

16. June 2023

Children’s Rights Workshop

Workshop with youth workers at our International Seminar in Senec – Bratislava.

9. February 2023

All Children, All Rights(s)!

Launching Workshop for an interactive educational toolkit on Children’s Rights in Hamburg, 24th February 2023!

23. March 2022

“Children’s Rights” project in Thessaloniki

e.p.a. team members travelled to Thessaloniki – Greece, from 21.03.2022 to 23.03.2022, for the “Children’s Rights” transnational project meeting, hosted by our partner organisation ARSIS- Association for the Social Support of Youth. During the meeting …

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