Spreading our Wings towards new Winds

Youth Exchange 2022

23. June – 07. July

Spreading our Wings towards new Winds

Ceuta • Málaga


Spreading our Wings towards new Winds

Creating Bridges, embracing Rights and Dignity


This International Youth Exchange (IYE) under the theme: “Spreading our wings towards new winds, creating bridges, embracing rights and dignity – Abriendo nuestras alas hacia nuevos vientos, creando puentes, abrazando derechos y dignidad” will give an opportunity for 60 young people from Spain, Slovakia, Portugal, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, Italy and the UK to come into genuine contact with themselves and others, to learn and share in an encouraging and safe environment in Ceuta and Málaga, Spain.

The host group ‘Almatahiar’ is a youth initiative composed of diverse young people from two communities in the South of Spain: Los Asperones – “comunidad gitana” (Roma, Calé), at the periphery of Málaga and “El Principe” a Muslim Community at the border to Morocco, in Ceuta, a city with a long history of multicultural coexistence. They have invited 8 youth groups from other communities in European cities to cross the troubled waters between two continents, share their concerns, encourage each other, co-create new ideas and feel empowered to spread their wings.

Facing the shrinking spaces for civil society actors in disadvantaged communities, where the access to rights and opportunities is often obstructed, this project also aims to encourage and support local and European youth work partners to develop their potential as important stakeholders and multipliers for Human Rights education and the plight for a life in dignity.

The programme will focus on needs of young people from politically forgotten and neglected communities, where marginalised groups, minorities like Roma, Calé, Muslim and ‘Mena’, refugee young people live and suffer exclusion. It will draw political attention towards those communities, contributing to young people’s awareness that their role as European active citizens goes beyond the right to vote; that they are not only passive consumers in a democracy. It will give them the possibility to learn more about their universal Human Rights and many reasons to defend them, discover their potential to actively take steps to spread their wings and raise their voices!


This project is funded by

the European Union

28. June 2022

Greetings from Ceuta

Our International Youth Exchange took off.

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