Together … With Hands On!

Youth Exchange 2012

25. July – 09. August

Together … With Hands On!

Lisbon • Braga • Areia Branca


Together … With Hands On!

Juntos ... com as mãos na massa!


This e.p.a. International Youth Exchange brought together 60 young people with youth workers from Lisbon (PT) Hamburg (DE), Liverpool (UK), Ljubljana (SI), Málaga (ES), Bratislava (SK) and Palermo (IT) from 25th July – 9th August 2012 in Portugal.

We arrived, worked and played in Lisbon, then moved to Braga, celebrating the European Youth Capital 2012, for a few days we stayed in Areia Branca enjoying the beach and the Atlantic Ocean and concluded our exchange in Lisbon – Almada.

Our partner the Eco-estilistas (the Eco-Designers) were hosting this exchange. e.p.a. coordinated the project.

Our theme: “Together … and hands on! / Juntos … com as mãos na massa!” – young people with fewer opportunities looking at how they can work together and practice citizenship, exploring work opportunities through the “new” ecological developments.

Over 14 days young people presented their projects and communities, learned about life in Portugal, presented their prepared workshops on the theme, shared intercultural insights from their countries and communities, participated in intercultural evenings and self cooked meals, visited places of historical and cultural interest, participated in a “Structured dialogue” meeting with local and European politicians and enjoyed social interaction with young people from at least 12 nationalities / ethnic backgrounds.

The programme methodology was: daily plenary meetings with playful energizers, workshops on the theme, small group discussions, meetings with youth initiatives and celebrating intercultural community activities, mid way evaluation, final evaluation, comments, looking forward and future networking.

This project is funded by

the European Union

1. September 2012

Photo Report

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28. June 2012

Preparatory meeting

Have a look at the video about the preparatory meeting that took place in Lisbon

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