Hope to Cope

e.p.a. partners share insights from their communities. Today: Bruno from Eco-Estilistas (Lisbon)


The partnership action “Hope to Cope” wants to remind us of the power of the network and the importance of local work in communities and it would like to share hope!

e.p.a. partners share insights from their communities with challenges and moments of joy and hope! Today with Bruno from Lisbon, Portugal – Thank you Bruno for your sharing!

Bruno Batista works with Eco-Estilistas in Lisbon, Portugal

How are you and your community?

I’m well, safe, motivated, and trying to enjoy the days with freedom that I had before Corona. The community are a little suspicious and afraid of these new times, but some have a lot of strength to fight against it and do something to move forward.

What have you discovered during the last months?

I have learned and still am in the process of finding out how to continue playing with young people without the suspicion of harming each other. Return to the good old days I’ve discovered we lack so much.

What gives you hope?  

I have hope, and I work to be able to give better living conditions to young people that I have not had in the past. I also hope that we can hug (strong, fearless and with feeling) again and I hope that we are all together soon.


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