Pool of Life … Pool of Blood

Youth Exchange 2009

03. July – 17. July

Pool of Life … Pool of Blood

Blackpool • Liverpool


Pool of Life … Pool of Blood

Creative and Innovative Ways to Tackle Youth Violence


Liverpool: Pool of Life … Pool of Blood! Liverpool as a melting pot of cultures, a history with some very violent chapters and a strong civil society movement inspired us to invent this project title.

The Youth Exchange in Liverpool and Blackpool was cool! We really would like to go back immediately. You getting to know many new people … and everybody is so nice. You learn other languages and cultures, and the girls are really nice, super, beautiful, sweet! (…and the guys? e.ch.)

Beside getting to know each other we did a lot of workshops on violence. There were a few very interesting workshops, but in total we had too many workshops. Every group had some thoughts regarding the topic violence and presented something during the exchange. There we asked questions and we talked about it, sometimes we presented role plays.

We have been to a museum, at the football stadium, in english parks, one day out to the Lake District, at the beach in Blackpool, one day we have been in Chester and we crossed the Mersey with the famous ferry.

In Liverpool we stayed at the Adelphi Hotel. The rooms were wicked. The food was good and it was a lot of fun. The Hotel in Blackpool was medium good, the food was O.K. but we had to wait too long.

We organised a fashion show with selfmade clothing. Made of things you normally throw away … and things we found in the bins or that we collected by ourselves.

I (Marco) was in the Cathedral of Liverpool. There was a tenor singing “You will never walk alone” and an orchestra played the music. That was amazing!

We run the alternative e.p.a. Olympic games on the beach in Blackpool. We split up into three groups: the Maahs, the Miaus and the Quak-Quaks! … and we had different competitions, e.g. to run after ballons that were blown away by the wind, to crawl on our fours underneath our team, to throw and catch water ballons, a hand barrow race and many other cool stuff.

Yours Marco, Kai and Lutz from Hamburg

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4. January 2021

Solidarity with our Liverpool and UK Friends

The sad news has reached us! With Brexit, Boris Johnson and the British government have decided to step out of the Erasmus+ programme!

4. August 2009


Impressions from our Youth Exchange!

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